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Women of Innovation: A Champion in Our Backyard

The 10th Annual Technology Association of Iowa (TAI) Women of Innovation Awards took place yesterday, and Daniela and I were very excited to be in attendance.

The awards recognized and celebrate women in business, government, or academia who are leaders in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Students were also recognized at both the secondary (grades 7-12) and collegiate levels, receiving scholarships in their categories.

TAI Women of Innovation AwardsThis year, ISE nominated Kawther Rouabhi, City High School senior, for her creative achievements in the ISE Coding Garage. For two consecutive years, Kawther was awarded first place in the ISE Coding Garage. In 2016, she created the RoomMore app as a solution for roommates struggling to divide bills and responsibilities evenly.

Earlier this summer, Kawther continued to impress us, developing lightleaf, an app for gardeners to track planting and watering schedules, read tips on plants and produce, and find local farmer’s markets to attend. Her user interface, originality, and presentation put her above and beyond her peers. Not only did she create a functional app, but she also incorporated a complete branded look, including logo design and color scheme.

Kawther credits her experience with the ISE Coding Garage as not only her first achievement in coding, but her proudest accomplishment, solidifying that technology is where she wants to focus her career goals. Her dream is to one day use technology to revolutionize the way people learn, not just by implementing devices into learning environments, but by reinventing the manner in which we absorb information.

Although she didn't win, we are incredibly proud of Kathwer and her accomplishments, and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors! Check out her video submission for the Women of Innovation awards ceremony below! 

Valyn Reinig, Marketing Specialist

Valyn Reinig, Marketing Specialist

Valyn Reinig is the Marketing Specialist for ISE, using her creative expertise to help promote business growth, build relationships, and generate brand awareness. In her free time, Valyn can be found attending indie rock concerts, running 5k's, taking photos, and surfing the web for the greatest deals.