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Meet Our Team: Clay Schumacher

Jun 23, 2016 | by Daniela Williams, Project Manager | Tags: Meet Our Team, Mobile App Development

Welcome back to the Meet Our Team Q&A series. My name is Daniela Williams, Project Manager at ISE, and I’ll be asking ISE team members questions to help give insight into what makes us tick.

Today I'm interviewing Clay Schumacher, Senior Software Engineer, and head of Mobile Development at ISE.


How to Use UIAppearance to Create iOS App Themes

Jun 14, 2016 | by Clay Schumacher, Senior Software Engineer | Tags: Mobile App Development

A cohesive visual style is important to any web or mobile app. Developers have been doing this on the web using CSS for many years, and for native Android apps Styles and Themes are the standard. For iOS apps, there is UIAppearance. But while powerful and available since iOS 5, many apps still don't take advantage of its abilities.

I'll explain how to use UIAppearance to style all the components of one type the same way across your app, and how to use subclassing to accomplish a CSS-like functionality. I'll be using Swift for this tutorial, but everything can be done in Objective-C as well. For the full code, and to clone the project created in this tutorial, download the ebook on how to use UIAppearance to create iOS app themes. 


5 Do's and a Don't for Mobile Development with Xamarin

May 05, 2016 | by Clay Schumacher, Senior Software Engineer | Tags: Mobile App Development

Lessons Learned Using Xamarin to Port Production C# .NET to Android

Recently Microsoft announced they plan to acquire Xamarin, a commercial development platform for creating cross platform mobile apps in C# .NET. This may have been the first time you heard of Xamarin, or maybe you took a second look to see what it can offer.