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Using Amazon X-Ray and Lambda Integration to Trace Serverless Application Performance

Apr 27, 2017 | by Samuel Thurston, Software Engineer | Tags: Cloud

Serverless application architectures are still an emerging art form. One of the big challenges serverless architectures pose is traceability and debugging. Because we are dealing with many discrete entities performing as a single cohesive unit, we want to be able to see the impact of those entities on the system as a whole.


One Cloudy Week: AWS Cloud Seminars Recap

Apr 04, 2017 | by Tami Pierson, Sales Executive | Tags: Cloud

It was a cloudy week in Iowa…

On March 22nd and 23rd, ISE teamed up with Palo Alto Networks, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and local businesses, healthcare providers, and higher education facilities to talk cloud. Did you miss the events? Read on to learn about what we covered.


Why the AWS S3 Outage Was a Good Thing

Mar 30, 2017 | by Samuel Thurston, Software Engineer | Tags: Cloud

A little over two weeks ago, large sections of the internet ground to a halt. Many sites, from Netflix and Spotify to Pinterest and Buzzfeed were unresponsive, during a four-hour outage of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) S3 – Simple Storage Service.  For two of those four hours, AWS couldn’t update the service status from “Service is operating normally” because the status itself depended on the storage service’s operation. Should you trust your data with AWS? Why shouldn’t we start calling S3 the “Sometimes Storage Service?” How could this event be a good thing?


Leveraging the Secure Cloud: March Seminars

Mar 07, 2017 | by Tami Pierson, Sales Executive | Tags: Cloud

In January 2017, Synergy Resource Group reported that the cloud market had reached $148 Billion, representing a 25% YoY growth compared to 2015. The cloud is upon us, and adoption is accelerating! CIO’s from every industry tell me that they are tired of dealing with the disruption and risk associated with costly data center upgrades. CFO’s are looking for ways to reduce CAPEX expenditures and lower overall costs. Business unit leaders are looking for ways to speed up innovation, which requires a nimble IT infrastructure that can quickly and seamlessly expand and contract.