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Students Learn to Develop Mobile Apps this Summer

The 2016 ISE Coding Garage has officially started! The 9-week program, designed for high school students that have taken the AP Computer Science course from West High or Iowa City, allows students to learn from ISE interns, and write and create their own Android app to present to a panel of judges.

ISE Coding GarageThe inaugural program began last year with just 4 students, and was so successful, that CEO, Hass Machlab, decided to make it an annual program.

This year’s ISE Coding Garage has 21 participants, all working on app ideas ranging from: pet adoption, outfit generators, bill organizers, virtual rulers, to drawing games. Not only do the high school students benefit, but the ISE interns love the experience as well.

Griffen Clark said about the program, “As an intern at ISE, you can take in what you learn and also do knowledge transfer to the high school students through the Coding Garage.”

Knowledge isn’t the only thing participants will get out to the Coding Garage. ISE has partnered with the University of Iowa’s Dev Iowa, to provide $850 in prizes for the students who win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for their app ideas during the final presentations. Dev Iowa also provides pizza or subs each week for the participants.

“I like how the program helps support self-driven kids that want to learn programming. It motivates them at an earlier stage than most would experience it; and they can win cash money, too,” said ISE intern, Jacob Veal.

Stay tuned for more updates on this year’s ISE Coding Garage class and their mobile app projects!

Valyn Reinig, Marketing Specialist

Valyn Reinig, Marketing Specialist

Valyn Reinig is the Marketing Specialist for ISE, using her creative expertise to help promote business growth, build relationships, and generate brand awareness. In her free time, Valyn can be found attending indie rock concerts, running 5k's, taking photos, and surfing the web for the greatest deals.