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Power Up With Machine Learning

May 02, 2017 | by Matt Coventon, Senior Software Engineer | Tags: Big Data, Machine Learning

If you were using email in the early 2000’s, you may remember it was around that time that spam was becoming a serious problem. Think of roughly 80% of your email being unsolicited garbage from unprincipled marketers and con artists. Imagine having to sort through that on your own, every day. There were various attempts at addressing the problem, and it was around 2002 that Machine Learning techniques started to be applied to identify and filter out spam. Over the years more sophisticated Artificial Intelligence techniques have been applied, such that the difficult, yet indispensable task of spam filtering is done for us, executed pretty well, and is nearly invisible to us. 


Using Amazon X-Ray and Lambda Integration to Trace Serverless Application Performance

Apr 27, 2017 | by Samuel Thurston, Software Engineer | Tags: Cloud

Serverless application architectures are still an emerging art form. One of the big challenges serverless architectures pose is traceability and debugging. Because we are dealing with many discrete entities performing as a single cohesive unit, we want to be able to see the impact of those entities on the system as a whole.


All Models Are Wrong; Some Models Are Useful

Apr 25, 2017 | by Andrew Smith, Principal Architect | Tags: Agile

This past week, Dennis Corpman and I gave a presentation at IEEE ProCon, a long-standing annual Professional Development conference held by the Cedar Rapids section of the IEEE. Our presentation focused on lessons learned along the agile path. As a way of framing our exploration, we used Patrick Lencioni's Five Dysfunctions of a Team to examine team interactions in a daily standup, and we used elements of an Agile Mindset to examine a sprint retrospective.


Creating a Simple App in Vue.js

Apr 20, 2017 | by Clay Schumacher, Senior Software Engineer | Tags: Mobile App Development

Out of the many available javascript frameworks for creating web apps today, a more recent popular choice is Vue.js. It takes cues from other popular frameworks like Angular and React and ends up with what they believe is the best of both worlds.