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Storytelling in a Digital Age: Insights from Inbound

Oct 12, 2017 | by Valyn Reinig, Marketing Specialist | Tags: Company Culture

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend HubSpot’s annual Inbound event, a conference aiming to connect, educate, and inspire marketing professionals and others in creative roles. This year, over 21,000 people crowded the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center to soak up some knowledge and get re-energized on all things business growth. 


A Portfolio Approach to Test Automation

Oct 05, 2017 | by Andrew Smith, Principal Architect | Tags: Agile

At what level should you automate tests? Unit test only? GUI-driven tests? Something else? In this blog post, I reflect on a recent experience with both pain and value, and how I am coming to imagine a portfolio approach to test automation. 


Continuous Integration and Compliance Enforcement

Sep 28, 2017 | by Samuel Thurston, Software Engineer | Tags: Cloud

The ever-increasing torrent of reports of “misconfigured” S3 buckets contributing to egregious breaches of customer data is an epidemic, unfairly placing a black mark on the name of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) outstanding object store. Worse, these breaches are completely avoidable through the application of simple automated compliance enforcement. Tying my last two posts together, let’s take a quick look at how applying a DevOps mentality could save these companies the public embarrassment and expense of remediation that results from human carelessness.


1st and Goal, IoT to Go!

Sep 21, 2017 | by Hudson Ludvigson, Senior Software Engineer | Tags: Internet of Things

It’s that time of year when you mow the yard a little tighter on Wednesday so that come Saturday you can fire up the grill, plop yourself in the La-z-Boy®, grab the clicker, and watch your favorite football team. As with the rest of life, technology has been increasingly entering the football world. Whether it’s the use of ear pieces in helmets, better surfaces to play on, or lighter weight equipment to increase player speed, everything seems to be getting an upgrade. IoT is getting in on the action as companies race to find ways to improve sports performance. What follows is a list of three of the most interesting areas where devices are being developed for football.