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Meet Our Team: Anthony Bopp

Tony.pngWelcome back to the Meet Our Team Q&A series. My name is Daniela Williams, Project Manager at ISE, and I’ll be asking ISE team members questions to help give insight into what makes us tick. 

Today I'm interviewing Tony Bopp, Quality Assurance Engineer, lead of the Philanthropy Committee, and ISE’s resident photographer! Read on to learn about how ISE helps out around the community and ideas to foster philanthropy with other companies.

Q. How long have you worked at ISE and what did you do prior?

Anthony: I've been with ISE since early 2004. I was the 12th employee, I believe. Prior to that, I was the Quality Assurance Lead for the Coralville team at Snap-On Diagnostics Tools, NEXIQ, Diversified Software Industries, as buy-outs and mergers morphed one company into another. I've been testing automotive and diagnostics software for 20 years.

Q. You are the team lead of the Philanthropy Committee this year. What are you most proud of about ISE's philanthropic initiatives?

Anthony: I am extremely proud and humbled to work with a team of such giving individuals at ISE. We have had drives to support the Crisis Center of Johnson County, the Iowa City Animal Shelter, and three blood drives. Each year ISE's generosity has grown to support important area charities in greater degrees. This year we have set new records in the company's level of giving, and we still have a couple of major drives left. As team lead of the Philanthropy Committee, I mostly watch the other committee members do all the hard work :)

Q. What would you suggest for other companies wanting to get more involved in the community? 

Anthony: I would love to see philanthropic efforts expanded to include employees of other companies, where we all coordinate goals, establishing friendly competitions, and grow the circle of influence we can all have on helping those people desperately in need in the community.

Tony's PhotographyQ. Last year you wrote a blog post on Software Development and Photography. Is there anything new you would add?

Anthony: Creating good photographs doesn't happen by holding up a camera and pushing a button. Creating images that people really appreciate takes careful planning and consistent execution. Producing quality software has a lot in common with that approach. I think over the years my skills in both disciplines have grown because of my commitment to doing each as best I can. It's pretty amazing how much of what I learn in one area can help me with the other, even though it would appear they have little in common.

Q. What do you do for fun?

Anthony: For me, fun generally involves having a camera in my hand. If I'm photographing something, I'm pretty much certain to be enjoying myself. I like hiking and taking landscapes (particularly early morning shots) doing portraits, and shooting school sports activities. I particularly enjoy shooting the younger grades, because they work just as hard as the more experienced players and it's nice to show that through my photography.

Questions or comments for Tony? Reach out to us if we can help you with anything! 

Daniela Williams, Project Manager

Daniela Williams, Project Manager

Daniela is a Project Manager at ISE with a bit of dabbling in Marketing. Recently she managed the new website release project and is currently the Scrum Master for the Sales and Marketing team. Daniela enjoys making sure the team accomplishes its goals while having fun along the way. When she’s not herding cats at work, you can find her running around town or getting her hands dirty in the garden.

Daniela Williams, Project Manager

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