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ISE Thanksgiving Traditions

As this year begins to come to a close, it’s a great time to reflect on the things in life that bring us joy. Of those things, Thanksgiving traditions usually rank pretty high. This year, I asked ISE employees what their favorite Thanksgiving tradition is. Here’s what they said….

dinnertable.jpg“My favorite tradition is one that I did as a boy growing up. We went out to my grandparent’s house for Thanksgiving day along with my aunts, uncles, and cousins. That night, there would be about 6 different pies from Baker’s Square to choose from. We often would have small slices of two different pies on our plate since we couldn’t decide which one we wanted.  The following day, my uncle would take us all to the movie theater.“ – Mark B.

“Getting into the holiday spirit by watching my favorite Thanksgiving comedy skit.” – Steve K.

“Simply being thankful! Large family dinner – all the good food, the warmth, the love, the conversation and the memories shared. Right before dinner we all form a circle around the room, lock hands, say grace and share a favorite memory – the laughter, and sometimes the tears, is priceless. Give thanks in all things!” – Sheri

“My favorite tradition is visiting family out of town.” – Rudy

"My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is the release of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout. The goal is to get at least 2 – one for now, and one to sit and age waiting for a future special occasion to drink." – Daniela

“My favorite Thanksgiving Tradition is getting the entire family together at a rural cabin, where all 24 family members sleep at the same place and wake up at the same place and spend 2 solid days catching up, chatting, cooking, eating, napping and just relaxing in a fun family atmosphere.” – Hass

"My favorite tradition is baking a huge batch of my praline sweet potato casserole for family dinner and hunting for Black Friday deals online." – Jenny

“Aside from eating and playing games with a single extended family gathering, my favorite tradition is to gather and go around the room and share what we are thankful for… makes for a meaningful and impactful time together!” – Steve D.

Whatever your tradition, we hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving this year! Do you have an interesting tradition you’d like to share? Comment below!

Valyn Reinig, Marketing Specialist

Valyn Reinig, Marketing Specialist

Valyn Reinig is the Marketing Specialist for ISE, using her creative expertise to help promote business growth, build relationships, and generate brand awareness. In her free time, Valyn can be found attending indie rock concerts, running 5k's, taking photos, and surfing the web for the greatest deals.