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Google Play Store Release Checklist

A couple months ago we published a high-level checklist we use to ensure the successful release of apps to the iOS App Store.

While the Play Store doesn't have the infamous review process or wait times, there are still many considerations to make. We use this Android version of the checklist to ensure successful Android launches as well.

We have divided the list into considerations in each of our four mobile development service offerings (Mobile Strategy, User Experience, Development, and Quality & Analytics).

Mobile Strategy

  •  Decide Regions of Availability
  •  Decide target devices - Minimum version of Android, form factors, and several specific devices representative of target market (good to pick at least 1 Samsung and 1 non.)
  •  Name app and write listing description (translate into applicable languages)
  •  Determine applicable keywords for app, and any translations
  •  Determine monetization strategy – (Direct sale, subscription inside or outside app, ads)
  •  Allow up to 2 days for App review process
  •  Create a privacy policy and put it both in the appropriate field in Google Play Developer Console, and visible within your app. (See this requirements page for details)

User Experience


  • Determine development tools to be used
    • Standard is native development for each platform
    • Xamarin is a good alternative
      • If large amount of shared business logic
      • If reason to use C# - existing codebase, developer familiarity, etc.
    • Hybrid web content? Sometimes useful, avoid pitfalls:
      • Entire app should not be just loading one or more websites
  • Write unit tests especially for non-UI code

Quality & Analytics

  • Automated Functional testing (calabash recommended)
  • Google Analytics (Recommended – if used make sure to include privacy statement and opt in/out)
  • Alpha/Beta Testing
  • Continuous Integration Infrastructure
    • Jenkins to run CI jobs – build and test during development
    • Fastlane to organize build, screenshot, deployment for beta and stores

Have you found anything else useful to help in the app submission and launch process? Any questions on our list? Feel free to comment, we'd love to hear from you.

And as always, feel free to contact us if you're interested in learning more about how we can help conquer your team's challenges, or if you're interested in joining our team!

Clay Schumacher, Senior Software Engineer

Clay Schumacher, Senior Software Engineer

Clay Schumacher is a Senior Software Engineer and Practice Lead of Mobile Development at ISE. Clay lives in Normal, IL where he works from his home office and Slingshot Cowork. For the last four years he has worked to develop mobile solutions that delight our clients and end users. Clay enjoys agile/lean software development, and treats each project team as a startup bent on delivering the best app for each unique problem. He enjoys traveling and playing games with his wife and two daughters.