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Creating the Perfect Team: A Checklist

A Well Formed Team (WFT), per 3Back's white-paper and in accordance with Scrum guidelines, is a team which is self organized, self contained, and value-driven. Such a team uses appropriate standard of care while delivering an acceptable amount of work specified by stakeholders. The accountability in such a team is highest between its members, followed by accountability towards its stakeholders. Use the following checklist to determine what you'll need to create a WFT:


  • Pair program. We can’t seem to get these 3s and 2s to separate.
  • Build trust. Talk to team members at work, whether the topic is about work or something else.
  • Understand individual members’ attributes. Use their strengths and weaknesses when collaborating.
  • Don't be afraid of constructive conflicts. In fact, some of the best ideas may come from these.
  • Form a personal identity in the organization.
  • Make sure team members are striving to make the team better.
  • Huddle and communicate... a lot. Software is complicated and ever changing.


  • Members of the team manage themselves effectively, so that management does not need to step in.
  • They feel empowered to raise ideas/questions/concerns.
  • Team members accept failure, while learning in the process.
  • Team members hold Scrum Master and Product Owner accountable.


  • Individuals in the team must help each other in learning and personal growth.
  • They have a sense of healthy competition among the team members, challenging each other to bring their best to work.


  • Have a clear line-of-sight to business objectives.
  • Understand the business value the team is generating.
  • Actively contribute improvement ideas in line with business objectives.

Like this list? For a more in-depth analysis of team building and how it relates to accountability and collaboration, read Andrew's guide on Accountability and Commitment in a Learning Organization.

Abhijeet Kher, Mobile Practice Lead

Abhijeet Kher, Mobile Practice Lead

When Abhijeet is not rallying his Agile-minded peers to “crush” stories, he is tinkering with automation projects or exploring the countryside on his motorcycle. Wood-working is also an up-and-coming hobby lately. Over the last seven years, he has worn multiple hats at ISE, from Developer, Scrum Master, Product Owner, to Practice Lead. He has a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Iowa. Go Hawks!

Abhijeet Kher, Mobile Practice Lead

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