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Zach Bodensteiner, Senior Software Engineer

Zach Bodensteiner, Senior Software Engineer
Between matches of ping pong in the break room, Zach Bodenteiner is a Senior Software Engineer, Practice Lead of Mobile Development, and Team Lead at ISE. He graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Computer Engineering in 2012, and joined ISE shortly thereafter. When he is not growing his skills at the office, he can be found participating in local pub trivia, doing yard work/gardening or playing with his dog, Millie.

Recent Posts

Why Does Everyone Want Me to Download Their App?

Mar 28, 2019 | by Zach Bodensteiner, Senior Software Engineer | Tags: Mobile App Development

My morning routine typically involves browsing the front page of Reddit while I make breakfast.  The other day instead of just dismissing the little popup at the bottom of the screen that always seems to get in the way, I actually read what it said.  It read, “Open Reddit App.”  Now, I’m not really a Reddit power user or anything.  I’m really more of a lurker who likes to get news and info, so I didn’t feel I had any use for the app. 

A few moments later I see a post about the new Marvel movie, Captain Marvel.  Intrigued to know more, I went to IMDb and was promptly met with a banner at the top of my screen, prompting me to open this page in the IMDb app.  Of course, I didn’t download the app.  I had gotten the two pieces of information I wanted, and IMDb is not a site I go to often.  But, it did make me think about why nearly every site we navigate to pushes us towards their app.


Kotlin: The Next Great Thing for Android Development

Oct 11, 2018 | by Zach Bodensteiner, Senior Software Engineer | Tags: Mobile App Development

One of the many benefits of working at ISE is the diversity of projects our team members are working on.  Whether it be a project for work or just some tinkering at home, the people at ISE have experience with a wide variety of tools. 


I Have an Idea for a Mobile App, Now What?

Sep 13, 2018 | by Zach Bodensteiner, Senior Software Engineer | Tags: Internet of Things

Once you have an idea for a mobile application, it can be difficult to choose a development platform.  There seems to be a never ending list of options, with new ones added daily.  Asking around for advice can make the decision more difficult, as everyone tends to have their own preference or bias for using one platform over another. 


How To Create a Single-Page Application Using React

Aug 09, 2018 | by Zach Bodensteiner, Senior Software Engineer | Tags: Web Development

If you have been involved with web development recently, you have most likely heard about single-page applications (SPA).  SPAs are typically javascript and run entirely in your browser.  As you interact with the elements on the screen, the application requests any data it needs from APIs and rewrites the current page.  Since the application is not having to request each page from the server, the request times are shorter, and the data transferred is significantly smaller than that of a non-SPA web application.