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Matt Coventon, Senior Software Engineer

Matt Coventon, Senior Software Engineer
Matt Coventon is a Senior Software Engineer and the Practice Lead for Big Data Services at Innovative Software Engineering (ISE), a professional services company with a strong interest in the intersection of vehicle telematics, mobile applications, and big data. In his 10 years at ISE his primary focus has been architecting and building web, middleware, and analytics applications that are high performance, fault tolerant, and easy to scale. He enjoys tackling new technologies and understanding how they can be best utilized within the enterprise. He’s a father of four, and in his free time, he’s a songwriter.

Recent Posts

Start Using Machine Learning (Part 2)

Jun 29, 2017 | by Matt Coventon, Senior Software Engineer | Tags: Big Data, Machine Learning

In part 1 of this two part blog post I talked about why you should start using Machine Learning. In particular, I discussed that the barriers to entry in Machine Learning are going down, and although applying it to your business problems may not be easy, it is definitely within reach and can yield great benefits. In part 2, I would like to offer three guiding principles on how to start using Machine Learning.


Start Using Machine Learning (Part 1)

Jun 20, 2017 | by Matt Coventon, Senior Software Engineer | Tags: Big Data, Machine Learning

“We believe that every successful new application built today will be an intelligent application,” says Soma Somasegar, venture partner at Madrona Venture Group and former head of Microsoft’s Developer Division. Indeed, we are in a transition period where the barriers to entry in Machine Learning are going down dramatically. And at the same time, more individuals and businesses are seeing the potential of Machine Learning to improve existing products and services and to enable completely new applications. The time is now for both software developers and businesses of any size to start using Machine Learning to create more powerful user experiences and bring new ideas to the marketplace.


EntreFEST 2017 Wrap-Up

May 25, 2017 | by Matt Coventon, Senior Software Engineer | Tags: Big Data

It's been a few weeks now since EntreFEST 2017 took over downtown Iowa City with the largest gathering of Iowa's entrepreneurial and innovation community. I was there to connect with like-minded people and get energized alongside fellow innovators. I was also there to speak to entrepreneurs about how to capitalize on trends in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create more engaging experiences for their customers. This conference did not disappoint: I met a lot of fantastic people that are pouring their energy into new ideas with great potential, I rekindled old friendships, and I learned new things from some top-notch speakers. So with the conference now behind us, and some time to process it all, I thought I'd share some of my takeaways.


Power Up With Machine Learning

May 02, 2017 | by Matt Coventon, Senior Software Engineer | Tags: Big Data, Machine Learning

If you were using email in the early 2000’s, you may remember it was around that time that spam was becoming a serious problem. Think of roughly 80% of your email being unsolicited garbage from unprincipled marketers and con artists. Imagine having to sort through that on your own, every day. There were various attempts at addressing the problem, and it was around 2002 that Machine Learning techniques started to be applied to identify and filter out spam. Over the years more sophisticated Artificial Intelligence techniques have been applied, such that the difficult, yet indispensable task of spam filtering is done for us, executed pretty well, and is nearly invisible to us.